Coping methods for the current situation based on your personality type

One of my closest friends Vivi, (@vivilauslahti) who is a psychology grad, has written an amazing piece for you based on different psychological theories. This current situation is not easy, but she tried to offer possible methods for different personality types. #expertadvice

We have been fighting the biggest challenge and accepting the change that has happened around us. This current situation with covid-19 has impacted so much for everyone’s lives and daily routines. This situation has not just impacted an individual or one country but all countries are facing and fighting this together. Some people may face extreme financial difficulties, some may find themselves losing their job and others just feeling extreme loneliness this has and can impact on people’s mental well-being. There has been a lot of conversation around the area how can people get through this difficult time and adjust for the new normal that will be heading towards us. People might have completely different coping mechanisms that help them get through this time. Therefore, it’s important to understand what copying mechanism works best for an individual. Someone might want to binge-watch Netflix and that will help them, whilst someone else will exercise regularly to make them feel better. There isn’t just one copying mechanism that will work for everyone but it’s important to realize that different personality types will need different ways of helping them to cope with this current situation. Therefore, I will discuss and cover some of the most widely accepted of traits that are in the Big Five and what methods will help these personality types.

Openness personality type is a shorthand for openness for new experiences. These personalities enjoy new adventures. Therefore these personality types would benefit trying in new things that can help them with this current situation. There aren’t major adventures you can do during lockdown but trying some new things such as cooking, yoga, or even just starting to read new books could help this personality type. But finding the right new experience’s that they never done before could benefit them mentally.
Conscientiousness personality types are people who have a strong sense of duty they are achievement-focused. These personality types are planners. Therefore, the best coping mechanism for these personalities could be planning what they are going to achieve during this difficult time. Additionally, just having a clear daily routine plan or making a 5-year plan could be useful.
Extraversion versus introversion. Extraverts personality types are super sociable, chatty, and have high energy in large crowds. There is no question that this personality type can suffer the most during this period as you are not allowed to see many friends or family. I am this personality type and my best copying mechanism has been exercising frequently, doing fun stuff with the people whom you are isolating with such as dinner parties. Also, calling friends and doing a lot of quizzes with people via zoom has been super helpful.
Introverts, on the other hand, need plenty of alone time. These personality types might be coping with this situation a bit better than extroverted people as they enjoy alone time and can spend time with themselves. But these individuals that are introverts can also struggle during this unknown time and the best copying mechanism could be reading new books, yoga, meditation, and cooking.
Agreeableness personality types are trusting, helpful, and compassionate. These personalities need family time and love surrounded by them. During this time the best coping mechanism for this personality type would be having multiple face-times with their families and friends. Also, cooking and yoga could be useful tools for them.

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