How fitness saved my life

The beautiful Jessie (@jessielifitness) talks about her story and motivation behind her fitness journey that turned into a career. #yourstory

Fitness and health are personal to me because at one point in my life I was slowly killing myself. 

I developed an eating disorder in college that took control over my life. I went down a rabbit hole for three and half years being either anorexic/bulimic or purging through excessive cardiovascular exercises. Along with these disorders came anxiety and depression. The journey was rough but when I did overcome it, I promised to use my experience and knowledge to help other women take back control of their lives through understanding science. 

Science is a broad term but simply put, fitness/health is just that. It encompasses exercise science, anatomy, psychology, food and nutrition, human biology, and more…  On my IG feed, you will find content with bits and pieces of all of those elements.

My name is Jessie and I have been a personal trainer and nutrition coach in the Bay Area for over eight years. My coaching philosophy is to educate, guide, plan attainable goals, and execute them in order to achieve the ultimate health/fitness and lifestyle that one should strive for and deserves. The journey won’t be easy, but it will be worth it when you gain the capability to achieve more with your body, eat with purpose, and understand yourself. I will be there for my clients every step of their fitness journeys and will always continue learning so I can better serve everyone that works with me. Are you ready?

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