I have been created to create

Today’s post is a little different from the previous ones. I asked the beautiful Katie (@kephotography) to share her travel experience through her pictures. This is a little something for you to make your day brighter & allow you to wonder what a beautiful world we live in. #yourstory

Hey to all the beautiful women out there! My name is Katie and I am a portrait and lifestyle photographer who L O V E S to travel. Southern California is my current “home” though I am a Chicago native, and have my sights set on landing in Israel soon to work in film production and documentary making. My motto in life is, “I have been created to create.” I believe God made me to show the beauty A N D brokenness of this world, and to point people to T R U T H through my art. One of my favorite artists put it so beautifully when he said, “Beauty softens the soul, and is a vehicle for truth.” Art is powerful!

My travels throughout the years have been full of new perspectives, and plenty of hilarious S T O R I E S. I have been offered 20 camels for my hand in marriage in Jerusalem, made fresh pita in the Negev Desert, explored glaciers in the French alps, biked through the Netherlands, climbed the Norwegian Fjords to get the perfect photo, and witnessed the salmon migration season in Alaska.

I have recently completed a dual master’s, which some may think would allow me to take some time, kick back, and rest after so many years of work. I have had so many people recently tell me, “You’re so young. You have time to figure out life.” But I think the opposite – this life is S H O R T. I live in the tension of desiring to explore more, meet more people, love people better, and tell their stories. I am continually struck with how short our time on this earth really is. So, take advantage of every opportunity, live into your convictions, love others, and go explore this incredible world!

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