Is the Shreddy app for you?

I thought it’d be useful to read reviews on different training apps & programmes. Since Shreddy is one of the most popular ones in the UK, I thought you might appreciate a user’s experience with it. Please read Grace’s (@thegracefoodfeed) review, who recently completed a twelve week programme. #yourstory

I had always been wary of fitness apps and paid programmes that promise to ‘transform’ you in a set number of weeks. I questioned what made these often lucrative programmes better than the many free fitness resources out there on the internet. At first I was even sceptical of Shreddy itself despite having followed and supported Grace Beverley for years (previously known as GraceFitUK). Since it launched there’s been a huge hype around the Shreddy app and I resisted it for quite a while. I considered myself as someone ‘who knows what they’re doing in the gym’ and didn’t need an app to tell me what I already knew. In reality, most of my gym sessions consisted of just lifting the same weights each week without progressing to heavier weights, and deciding what I was going to do as I walked aimlessly around the gym.
When I finally realised that the reason for my lack of progress in the gym was because I didn’t follow a set plan and didn’t have goals in mind, I resolved to try out Shreddy. With the three month subscription at just £8.99 a month I thought it was worth trying it out and could always cancel my subscription if it wasn’t for me. Four months later and I am a diehard Shreddy fan and follow it religiously. I’ve lost a stone in weight without ‘dieting’ and built more muscle than I ever have before, all without stepping foot in a gym for the last three months.
When lockdown was announced and all gyms were closed I panicked that the progress I had made from a month of the Shreddy Gym Tone-up Guide (which I enjoyed very much) would be lost and I resented having to switch to home workouts. I needn’t had worried as I’ve made more progress with the Shreddy Home Tone-up Guide than I ever have in the gym! There are so many reasons why I love Shreddy but I thought I would pick out my top five reasons for why I recommend you give it a go…

  1. It is easy to stick to
    Before Shreddy I had never managed to stick to a workout plan for more than a month. Four months down the line and I haven’t missed a single workout despite having days when I wake up feeling like I can’t be bothered. I put this down to the fact that the workouts are short: maximum 28 minutes for the longer workouts and around 12 minutes for the short workouts. This has meant that even on a busy day it is really easy to squeeze in a workout and when you feel lacking in motivation, it is over before you know it.
  2. Flexibility
    Whilst you follow a set plan, there are several features in the app that make your plan flexible to your needs. Firstly, you can choose how many sessions you want to do a week, three long sessions (arms and abs, legs and bum, full body) or, three long sessions and two short ‘strength rounds’. You can also change what day you do each workout. Legs hurting from your leg workout the day before? That’s fine, you can switch your full body session for your arm session so you can let your legs recover. A particularly useful feature whilst we are in lockdown is the ability to change the location of your workout. As we aren’t able to go to gyms at the moment, all workout plans have a ‘home’ version so you can still reach your goals without the gym.
  3. Value for money
    A fraction of the price of a monthly gym membership, you get a lot for your money with Shreddy. I am even questioning whether I will go back to the gym once they open as working out at home with Shreddy seems to work so well! You don’t have to buy much equipment either. Invest in some resistance bands, a set of dumbbells, an exercise mat, and maybe some sliders and you are away. Often the workouts give you the option to swap an exercise for something else if you don’t have the right equipment at home.
  4. Shreddy community
    A fantastic feature of the app is the Community where you can chat with other users who are doing your guide. This offers a great opportunity to swap tips, motivate each other and connect with people on a similar journey to you. I’ve spoken with a few people on there when I had questions about the workouts and I’ve been given great advice. This aspect of the app is very unique and creates a supportive network of girls, encouraging and congratulating each other on their progress.
  5. FOOD!
    As you can probably tell from my Instagram handle @thegracefoodfeed, I am a massive foodie. My favourite feature of the app is the meal section. Each plan comes with its on meal plan that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, Monday through to Sunday. This is a part of the app that I don’t necessarily stick to religiously as I am not plant-based and I love being free to experiment with food, however it is great for inspiration and to learn new recipes. Each recipe states its calorie content and macros which is very useful if you are wanting to learn how macronutrients play a role in nutrition for health and performance.

So if you are considering joining the Shreddy community I would definitely recommend trying it out. Even if isn’t for you I can guarantee you will learn something new from its resources that will make it worth your while. Good luck!