The reality of porn

This time the amazing Evie (co-founder of @cliterallythebest) has written a very open and honest blog post to help you navigate through porn vs real life. #expertadvice

While a lot of us (whatever the gender) watch porn, which is more than fine, you need to remember that it isn’t real life, it’s not sex education, it’s a performance. Real sex is raw, messy and pretty laughable, so make sure you don’t take too much away from porn and remember its a glammed up, often fake version of our sexual encounters.

I like to think of porn as a soap opera or dramatic tv series, nobody has that much drama on one street, nobody has that many affairs and no village has that many murders. However, if it was like real life, not many would watch it. Soaps show the best bits and so does porn.

Here are some of the key differences you should remember, before using porn to get your ‘O’!

Penis Size
On average, pornstar penises average on 6-9 inches whereas in real like the average penis varies from 5-7. This is an important one to remember if you have a penis or like those who do, it can be easy to compare bodies to people on screen.

Body Hair
While pornstars have very little hair down there, in real life 65% of women and 85% of men do. Hair is natural and everyone has the choice to do groom it how they’d like. It’s essential when deciding on hair removal that you have come to that decision for yourself and not others – it is your body.

Vulva Views
Vulva-owner’s vulvas in porns tend to all look the same, however in real life, vulvas are like fingerprints they are all unique, all different shapes, sizes and colours – and that is okay. It’s important to love ours as they do some super amazing things.

The Big ‘O’
While male performers seem to go for days, 75% of men in real life ejaculate within 3 minutes. Although women performers seem to always orgasms through penetration alone, 71% of women cannot. The clitoris for most of us is what the penis is to a guy – another issue if you are using porn for sex education!

ttle screening for videos that are uploaded, meaning often nonconsensual and underage videos exist on their platform. Check out our ethical porn blog post for a list of great ethical sites!