A model’s skincare routine

Taking care of your skin can be quite tricky at times. Food, stress, sleeping quality and quantity, time of the month and many more factors can affect what you see when you look in the mirror. This time the beautiful Charlotte(@charlotte_rousee), who works as a full-time model, has shared her skincare routine and favourite products she uses to make sure her skin is always runway ready. #yourstory #expertadvice

My skin plays a huge role in my mood. A blemish can really ruin my day, and with my job I feel pressure to ensure it always looks its best. I must have spent a ridiculous amount of money finding the perfect combination of products, but I think I’ve finally cracked my skincare routine! It’s important to understand what skin type you have, and then set your goals to make sure you can get the most from products. I would break my routine into three parts, morning, night and once weekly. I also make sure to drink a lot of water, almost five litres a day. I used to drink a lot of fizzy drinks, but I’ve reduced that to one a day, and that’s really improved the health of my skin. 

In the morning I check in with myself when doing my makeup. I think it’s a really important time of day, where you can have a moment to yourself. I begin with the C-rush gel Brightening Cream by Ole Henrikson, once I’ve massaged the majority in I finish off by using a jade face roller to reduce the puffiness. I’ve found that this cream has given me a dewy look without feeling heavy or greasy, and makes a great base for my makeup. I make sure to always take the moisturiser down onto my neck. Next I take the Banana Bright eye crème, also by Ole Henrikson, this has massively lightened my under eye area! I noticed an improvement within the first two weeks of using it in January, and now am on my third pot. Lastly I apply a generous amount of SPF 50 by Mimitika regardless of the time of year/weather. This step is so important as UV rays can damage your skin all year long. I never wear foundation, unless I’m at work. I stick to concealer and only focus on covering the area under my eyes, any redness on my face or on blemishes. I think that this helps my skin, as there’s nothing sitting in my pores when there doesn’t need to be. 

At night, I remove my makeup with Micellar Water by Garnier. I recently bought the type for combination and oily skin and have really enjoyed the results. In the shower I used the Aquaring Cleansing Foam by the Korean brand Mediheal, which leaves me feeling squeaky clean.  I apply the Ole Henrikson Truth serum, I love this because it’s the silkiest serum I’ve tried, super moisturising without leaving my skin feeling tacky or sticky. I also use the Hyaluronic Acid by the Ordinary. My mum pointed out a wrinkle on my forehead at the start of lockdown, and after applying this daily for two months it had vanished! The fact it’s only £5.90 makes it even more of an impressive product. I finish with some under eye masks by Petitfee, another brand I found when in Korea. Just before bed I use the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion on blemishes. A friend recommended it to me almost three years ago and I’ve used it every night since. The salicylic acid helps to reduce the swelling and redness overnight. I also pat on some Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder on my t-zone, as this reduces the amount of oil sitting on my skin throughout the night. 

Once weekly I exfoliate or use an acid peel. If I’m feeling particularly congested I’ll also use the Sand&Sky Pink Clay Mask. This is incredible, and you can also apply a small amount onto a spot and it works the same as the drying lotion. I’m currently using the Nip and Fab Glycolic Scrub as my exfoliator, it leaves me feeling refreshed and my skin smooth. At the moment the skin underneath my face covering has been suffering, but I’ve been helping that by using the VQ Rose Gommage Peeling Mask. As you rub it on the dead skin cells and dirt peel away, leaving you with residue on your hands. It’s a little gross but simultaneously so satisfying. The other peel I can always depend on is the AHA 30% + BHA 2% peeling solution by the Ordinary. This product helped reduce the hyper pigmentation I was getting after hormonal breakouts on my jawline, it’s also very inexpensive which is amazing. You must apply SPF after using any of these products though, as they can weaken the skin leaving you exposed to even more damage. 

Lastly my secret weapon, it’s the Tamanu all-in-one healing balm by Tropics skincare. This has helped so much with hyperpigmentation and scarring! I also get eczema on my eyelids when I’m stressed, and it’s gone after one application. You can also use this for any cuts, scrapes, bites, stings. Its vegan, cruelty free and completely natural and I urge everyone to pick up a pot as it can be used for almost everything!