Creating All Things Women Share my aim was to deliver health & lifestyle information from experts, but also to allow women to create content within these topics. While I wanted to help women to understand health, fitness and nutrition a little bit better, I also wanted to encourage them to share their stories to help others. Everday I cover topics that might affect or interest women; motivation, fitness, personal development, sustainability, travelling, nutrition and self-care are the main areas discussed. The aim is to keep this website as informative as possible to help women succeed in everyday life. To help you navigate through content I created two hashtags, posts tagged with #yourstory is from our readers, this is not any sort of (health) advice, just personal experience. Whereas if you see #expertadvice, I made sure that the content was created by qualified professionals who know what they are talking about. My goal was to create something professional, reliable but also inclusive so that everyone can relate to some of the content. I truly hope you find all these posts helpful!


Kate x